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Doors of Isla Mujeres 2014 Calendar

A beautiful souvenir capturing sites from around the island of Isla Mujeres

Each page is 13″x10 1/2″

A beautiful wall calendar for 2014 capturing the colorful doors on the island of Isla Mujeres.  A small island in the Caribbean sea off of Cancun, Mexico, it attracts tourists from around the world for deeepsea fishing, snorkeling and the beautiful tropical beaches.  The Maya temple to Ixchel and its history brought photographer Miyuki Edwards to the “island of women” on a day trip but the colorful doors caught her eye and soon Miyuki was photographing doors from around the island.  The 12 month calendar displays each month with and inspirational quote with the word “door” expressed by a poet, inventor, healer or an unknown, along with colorful doors and familiar sights from around the island.  Each month on the calendar have Mexican and American holidays.  Each page is 13″x10 1/2″, unfolding to 20 3/4″, wire bound on hard stock paper.  Captivated by visuals and philosophy this makes a great gift for 2014.

Enjoy and may  my labor of love inspire you and others.


“Be an Opener of Doors”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

A portion of each sale is donated to The Little Yellow School House, thank you for your support!

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**Note: Your calendar can be personalized with up to 3 events (wedding, birthday, anniversaries) If you would like your calendar personalized please select the personalized option from the drop down menu in the shopping cart.

photographer miyuki edwards

Doors of Isla Mujeres 2014 calendar showing both pages 20 3/4″

photographer miyuki edwards

November 2014

photographer miyuki edwards

May 2014

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