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Buy my Doors poster

Poster Doors of Isla Mujeres by photographer Miyuki Edwards

On a trip with my girlfriends to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, I noticed how colorful the doors were painted. From dilpated homes and modern ones to restuarants and stores, doors joyfully welcomed you. Brightly colored and each unique,they are scattered around the isle . It was fun riding in a golf cart seeking them out and touring on our own this lovely “Island of Women”.

The word door is used as a metaphor to describe a gateway to change; the” in’s and out’s”, “openings and closings”, and “entrances to new pathways” in life and other lessons. Adding a quote with a noteable poet, artist, inventor or philanthropist deemed appropriate on each month of  the pages of my new calendar, “Doors of Isla Mujeres 2014 Calendar” which is coming soon,  and a beautiful photographic 18×24 poster  displaying the painted doors on Isla Mujeres in Mexico. A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Be an opener of doors” is affirming the positive on this colorful poster.

 I am pleased to announce a percentage of poster sales and  2014 calendar from my website along with sales from the island will benefit the Little Yellow School House (LYSH) for children with disabilities on Isla Mujeres. This non profit establishment will give them the chance to become the best they can be.  Sales of my poster on the island have already been donated and I hope to produce even more good there. Visit La Cazuela M&J for a delicious breakfast or lunch on Av Guerrero Esq. to see my poster hanging there if you happen by….

Enjoy and may  my labor of love inspire you and others.


“Be an Opener of Doors” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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