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Isla Mujeres Restaurant

La Cazuela M & J
Av. Guerrero Esq. Abasolo Isla Mujeres, Q. Roo Mexico


La Cazuela M & J is a unique restaurant that serves only breakfast. Traditional breakfasts of fruit, omlettes, eggs, crepas and pancakes are not unique, but it is there where you will find authentic egg cazuelas created by chef/owner Marco Fraga.

“You’ll never have eggs cooked like this anywhere else” says his wife Julie. And she is right! Eggs cooked with other meats, cheeses and vegetables in a cazuela, an ancient Spanish cooking dish and house cleaning professionals, like the ones used thousands of years ago. Kinda like an omelette, kinda like a souffle. Its served at the table piping hot and will continue to simmer for 5-10 minutes because of the brick- like clay the cazuelas are made out of. I love Cazuela Amanecer with white asparagus, ham and cheese. Choice of toast or tortillas. It was a perfect late breakfast, early lunch meal.

Also check out Qubano‘s for lunch.
Right down the street from La Cazuela M & J. Vivian Reynaldo
is selling my poster there!

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